MPSTME programs are accompanied by excellent inputs from industry


Dr. Sharad Mhaiskar, Dean of NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering describes MPETME and its programmes.

How is MPSTME positioned in the landscape of engineering education in the country?

Established in 2006, Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering is a jewel in the crown of SVKM’s NMIMS. Ever since its inception , the school has been known for quality education in the domain of technology management and engineering. It draws quality students from all over the country in its different programs. With about 8 students vying for each seat, the quality of intake is good.  With quality intake and state of the art infrastructure, both soft and hard, the output is bound to be good. While three of its programs are provisionally accredited by NBA for 2 years, it plans to apply for accreditation for its remaining programs when they are due. The school is highly ranked in the  surveys carried out by various agencies.

What are the distinguishing features of life at MPSTME?

Program delivery at MPSTME is based on the Outcome Based Education which is practiced worldwide. The Blackboard Learning Management system (BBLMS) forms the backbone of the delivery. With well qualified faculty the school boasts of several unique teaching and evaluation methods like experiential learning, continuous learning, project and team based learning, open book examinations.

Life at MPSTME is not only about excellence in academics, but also about embedding human values and facets that are important for all-round development of an individual.

What are the co-currricular and extracurricular activities which enrich the life of students at MPSTME?

Host  of co-curricular activities in collaboration with professional bodies like American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE),  Project Management Institute (PMI), IEEE, ASM, ACM, IETE enrich the academics at MPSTME and give valuable inputs to the students in terms of industry expectations and practices. The school also supports conferences and seminars conducted in collaboration with these professional bodies.

The school is known for its participation in Model United Nation events, NASA and several other international competitions. Students have not only participated, but have also consistently won awards in these events. The school also hosts cultural festivals and technical competitions to give students ample opportunities to showcase their talents.

What are the plans of MPSTME in the near future?

While MPSTME plans to introduce new programs in emerging areas it also intends  to strengthen and continuously improve delivery in the existing programs to meet global standards. The B.Tech. integrated program (Diploma and Degree program) for 10 + students, introduced two years ago, is gradually gaining acceptance and is considered as a preferred alternative route to pursue a professional program. The school also plans to introduce a post graduate program in Cyber Security in the near future.

How does industry perceive education at MPSTME?

With participation and representation in the planning and delivery of the programs, accompanied by excellent inputs, the industry acceptance for the students emerging out if this programs is very high. The acceptance is clearly reflected not only in the number of placements but also through the quality of placements in terms of compensation and profiles, including international placements.