6 Tips to manage your first week in college


Have you taken admission in a college? Wondering how to prepare for the first week of college? No doubt, the college where you have taken admission is a different and a new environment, a new location (may be!) having a different culture, new curriculum and new faculty. It is place where you will meet new people and decide whom to be friends with. This article describes several tips to ensure that you become comfortable and settle down easily in the first week of college. Read this short article to make your first week a wonderful memory and not a nightmare!

  1. Timetable: Check the correct timetable so that you enter your allotted class. I had once made a mistake of attending a second year class while just being admitted to the first year. It was an unforgettable moment for me while the second years found it extremely hilarious.
  2. Carry a notepad and a pen. It is monsoon, so depending on where you stay, you can carry a windcheater or an umbrella with you.
  3. Check the website regularly for updates to ensure that you do not miss the term start date and orientation date.
  4. Visit the college prior to the orientation program: Feel at home, anyways the college is going to be come your half home. Visit the college a week or a few days earlier and move around the place. Locate the department, laboratories, library, gymkhana, common room or lounge and not to forget the canteen. Also move around near the campus to understand the location and quality of food joints which may come in handy later. You could also check various modes of travel to and fro to home.
  5. Prepare for the first week: Relax and leave your worries at home. Find someone else who has joined the same college or same course, then meet him or her before the orientation program. Interact and get to know the person better. Two heads are better than one in a new place.
  6. Be yourself : A first impression is always the last impression. Be yourself, be confident and don’t hold yourself back. Interact with peers around you and soon you may make new friends. Let the first meeting not be a judgemental one. Keep talking to more people over the week, and soon you will find someone thinking like you. Positive body language, and fresh, colourful but yet sober attire would create a lasting impression on others around you.

It is only a question of the first few days, then things will be a smooth sailing and you will feel as if you have been in the college for many many years!

All the best!

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