7 essentials to become a successful Business Woman

Have you ever wondered why some women are great achievers and become successful in their business? Is it only hard work and resources that make them successful business leaders? No, there is no ‘magic pill’ in the world that effortlessly launches them out of their cubicle into the free world of entrepreneurship. The dream to be your own boss and being a successful business woman is the outcome of a process of planning, training, analyzing and effective execution. Here are some essential factors that you must know before you start your own business and head towards becoming a successful business leader:

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  1. Find a mentor: Seeking out mentors early in your career is an absolute MUST. Utilize the talent and great minds around you. Constantly meet people, build contacts and relationships.
  2. Have a clear vision and mission: Always make sure your mission is clearly defined. Your vision of who you are when you go out to pitch the business or describe it to others should be crystal clear. Do not try to be everything to everyone. Understand what your goal is, and build your narrative and supporting statements around that.
  1. Think big: If you are pitching to a venture capitalist, know that the investor wants high returns on the capital. If you are going the venture-funding route, make sure you have a business plan that aligns with these expectations.
  2. Communicate clearly: Words have power and you can subconsciously be self-sabotaging through the words you choose. Learn to remove unnecessary words in communicating your message such as “just, maybe or actually”. State your message clearly, concisely, and authoritatively.
  3. Build good partnership or Tie-ups: Every relationship is a two way street and it is up to you to choose a partner who is trustworthy. Analyze partnerships well before you decide to go ahead.
  4. Know your market: It is very crucial to know your market and the target customer while you are building your product. Make sure you understand how your product fits into the overall market landscape.
  5. Look beyond capital: While access to capital is critical for women entrepreneurs, thisnasreen2 is just one piece of the puzzle. It is crucial to have a well-integrated financial plan to help you make the right choice while investing.

These are some very important factors one must know and understand very clearly before starting the business. You need to take proper training for this from a reputed educational institute to imbibe business-building skills. NMIMS is one such highly reputed institute which gives you a deep and detailed knowledge to be a successful business woman.

NMIMS has designed a programme called ‘Enterprise Training Programme for Women’ (ETW) over a course of seven months which has included all the above factors which will help you to develop yourself as an excellent business woman.

The ETW gives you individual weekly counseling by successful business leaders. The programme works with women entrepreneurs who have the ambition to start and transform their small business into thriving enterprises. It look at enabling participants to understand various facets of starting and managing their business and providing participants business development support to enable them to pitch their business to investors and other stakeholders.

So if you have decided to be your own boss and become successful a business woman, this course at NMIMS is the perfect training package for you.