5 Reasons why you should pursue MBA


“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” said Albert Einstein.

Success equals with happiness and security and everything positive that humans can think of ever to thrive in a society of well-cultured humans. Well, if you cannot seem to agree more, you are certainly looking at a professional course that will give you wings to fly in the direction you want. Here are 5 reasons why you should take up the most promising professional career option – MBA.

  1. One size fits all – “Management skills are required for almost any business one can think of. Gaining the MBA advantage affords several extra edges while designing one’s career. It enables one to explore versatile career options spanning several fields and sectors – traditional and emerging. A corporate career or an entrepreneurial path, both are enabled by the MBA degree. An MBA program should be looked upon as a life intervention.” says Dr. Debashis Sanyal, Vice Provost-Management Education and Dean- NMIMS School of Business Management

MBA will help you in transferable skills like nothing else. Do you know, that an MBA is so flexible that you don’t run the risk of going jobless even when you think alternatives in terms of career options and do not want to join the direct industry core. While 10% of MBA graduates choose direct careers within industry. An emphatic 9% pick up an option like healthcare or public share. Then, there is the boom in the market of the newly made start-ups and other e-commerce that is easily becoming the hotspots of attraction. An MBA will leave you all set with expanding your “thinking on several fronts” and building up “critical and analytical thinking patterns”.

  1. Aha! Moments – MBA is sheer magic, it equips you with so much of innovative skills and such dynamic environments, that you as a student is always exploring the untraded path and the adventure is pure adrenaline rush. There is nothing like creating a business all by yourself. And, nothing will surprise more than discovering a hidden skill that was always in your character but would have never seen the daylight, if not for the varied scope of your studies. As Dr. Sanyal, puts it: “Every MBA student experiences several “a-ha” moments, be they with regard to business dynamics, economic cycles or then interpersonal dynamics. The breadth and depth of this degree is humongous and yet, in many ways it is just the beginning for many students.”
  1. No Problem is too big – While doing an MBA you write 20-30 pages of projects, case studies and assignments that sort of fool-proofs the fact that no matter how big a problem is confronted by you, you will emerge victorious. A true manager never bows down like an amateur marketing guy. He exposes his bare chest and fights till the mountain is broken down.
  1. Your social network – Remember, even when a student is graduated from his college. He still reaps the benefits of the company that he kept while at college. Friends and friends of friends become the ‘sounding boards’ for newcomers and what happens next is that you keep on networking a structure that branches out to be your tool of success in the near future. Besides, you get likeminded friends to treasure all your life.
  1. Status – Employees in an organization have been widely accepting a degree in MBA as a hallmark of credibility. If you have the degree that demands enough expertise and skills then of course you are ahead of the rest of the people in the organization. So, you basically become the leader, that people (employees) want to follow. Because you are special, why? Dr. Sanyal says “Specifically, an MBA degree builds up technical expertise, big picture thinking, leadership abilities, critical thinking, initiative taking ability and team work.”

Now let us see why the MBA students of NMIMS, are in so much love with their curricula and what’s their take on the subject.

A student of NMIMS live by the word to enshrine their careers with the valuable knowledge that they are gathering from the academics. But, it’s not just the degree that they will come out with, for there are many things in life that an MBA emboldens your character with.

Students, by and large said that while 24 hours a day will seem to less at first, an MBA will teach you to cut down on sleep, not just to study but to take time out to “chill with your friends”. And it isn’t just about making time for things that are important, but even amongst the things that are important, an MBA will teach you to minimize the time you take to make important decisions, and to prioritize and accomplish tasks that seemed impossible at the start.

Prateek Jain and Poojan Shah, first-year MBA students and NMIMS Student Council representatives, are amongst those juggling academics and committees together. Prateek stresses that the college environment is such that it pushes one to grow, and to learn from others. Poojan seconds the opinion that MBA has taught him what it means to invest in high risks to get high returns.

People management is according to many students the most rewarding quality of completing an MBA degree. You will find all kinds of people at a B-school. Myers-Briggs said there are 16 types of personalities, but Uday Patnaik, a second-year student at NMIMS could bet there are more. Uday Patnaik, vehemently puts it this way “There will be rejections and disappointments- the dream company you didn’t get, the painful subject you just couldn’t get your head around, those committees and clubs that you couldn’t be part of, or maybe even the boy/ girl you thought was the one but wasn’t. But there will also be a group of friends that will dance it out with you. ”