Graduate in economics has diverse career opportunities


Economics is a course of study that most profoundly affects the people of the world and their welfare. It is fast becoming a popular discipline amongst the students due to the surge in demand for good Economists not only in India but around the world. There are numerous career prospects for economics graduates, as knowledge and expertise in this field can be helpful in building a career in almost any industry. A graduate in economics can expect jobs in banking, finance, insurance, rating agencies, firms conducting economic research and media. Graduates can also pursue further studies in any discipline be it Economics, MBA or Law. Thus a graduate in economics has diverse career opportunities.


Prof. Amita Vaidya
Prof. Amita Vaidya

Prof. Amita Vaidya, Associate Dean of NMIMS Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics which offers B.Sc.Economics and M.Sc Economics, says “Our programs are focused on being developmental rather than informational. Our curriculum is aimed at increasing basic competence in quantitative reasoning, analytical thinking and problem solving. As the emphasis is on overall growth of students, due care is taken to ensure that students get the much needed conducive environment at NMIMS for nurturing and expanding their skills. Our overall goal at the School is to provide an environment and a set of opportunities that will enable the students to develop as effective professionals

The curriculum at Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics is contemporary, with emphasis on application based learning. Diverse pedagogy is used to make learning interactive and relevant.

On any given day, you may find a class being conducted through the regular lecture pattern, or students doing a role play, watching a movie, debating or discussing animatedly. You may also hear excited, loud voices as the students go through interesting games and simulations. All these activities promote self–learning and peer-learning. Students learn to work individually as well as in groups.

“Subjects are not taught in a traditional compartmentalised manner but there is an attempt to provide an overview of a broad field of knowledge, finding a correlation or relationship between or among individual courses so that students get a holistic understanding of the subjects. B. Sc. Economics at Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics ensures that students are exposed to all subjects that enhance their understanding of economics such as Logic, Political science, Law, Sociology, Psychology and Literature. It offers students a chance to explore domestic and global economic issues and the impact these issues have on our lives,” added Prof Vaidya.[useful_banner_manager banners=12 count=1]

One-month summer internship at the end of every academic year is something that is compulsory for every student. This provides them with industry exposure and a big advantage when they finally go for a job.  A seminar paper in the second year and a Research paper in the final year also help in ‘self-learning’ in a big way.

“We are very conscious that our students acquire skills which can make them employable. Innovative teaching, learning and assessment methods help students engage in the education process which help them develop qualities that make them employable,” says Prof Vaidya.

The School has a strong placement cell which assists in final placements as well as summer internships.

“Our vision is not just to create good economists, but also to create mature, honest and responsible individuals who have a strong ethical and moral foundation. We impart values through everyday interactions, in class and outside,” adds Prof Vaidya.