Mid-Career Crisis in Professional Life

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Most of the youngster from the current generation opts for the career immediately after the graduation due to multiple reasons. It could be the repayment of educational loan, family obligations, pugnacity of fund for continuing further education or simply tired of continuously studying for 15 years at the stretch.  Many of them do an excellent job in their professional field and rise up the ladder.  However, the qualification and the lack of management knowledge acts as a detrimental factor for the further progress leading to a mid-carrier crisis.

After graduation as a first line manager most of the job profile needed only technical knowledge for their performance excellence. However, as they aspire to go further up in carrier and their span of control increases they need to have more of management knowledge like managing Human Resource, Interacting with other functions like Marketing, Finance, Operations etc. and most importantly overall view of the detailed functioning of an organisation.

The MBA degree helps an individual in acquiring management skills to handle all the challenges effectively and still make a progress in all the fields with much lesser stress and physical efforts thereby, achieving the goal of maintaining good health, peace of mind as well as financial and career prosperity.

To sum up, the following five principal reasons are there to pursue the Executive MBA course as detailed below:

  1. For an organisation it is difficult to leave an employee everyday sharp by 5.30pm or 6.00pm to attend the course irrespective of year ending or other work pressures. This practice also warrants lot of sacrifice at the family front of the self as well as other family members.  Executive MBA being a modular course where in students can complete a module within a week thereby giving the student flexibility of having an excellent balance between work life, personal life and fulfilment of his/her academic aspiration.  The student has the option of selecting a week for completing the module when his organization has relatively less work pressure and there are no family functions or urgencies.
  2.  The Executive MBA course helps students to acquire a Post Graduate Management Degree from a leading University UGC approved and from a Business School which is consistently ranked among the top Ten Management Institute in India.
  3. This degree helps the students as an additional education qualification for his/her promotion to the senior management position in corporates as well as pursuing further academic qualification.
  4. Acquiring of the management knowledge during the course helps an individual to manage his performance excellence in professional life and also manage one engaged in family business.
  5. This qualification ensures a higher esteem in the society as well as assist an individual in development of the entrepreneurship/ intrapreneurship skills.

Executive MBA course has evolved globally as a contemporary Post Graduate Management Degree keeping in place with the international trend in Management education and current Business Environment.

pn_mukherjeeAuthor – Dr. Parthasarthi Mukherjee is Senior Professor and Chairperson – Executive MBA Program at NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai.

He has 20 years of teaching and 16 years of industry experience.