Pratyush and Harish Rock at “Stock and Roll” with “Active Strategy”

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Pratyush Sharma and Harish Advani, PGDM students of NMIMS Bengaluru, won the “Stock and Roll” competition organised by SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) recently in Mumbai.

The Stock and Roll event comprised of 3 rounds. The First round was an on online general quiz to test the participant’s knowledge of finance and covered topics such as derivatives, stock exchange, world events and other market related knowledge. The NMIMS Bengaluru team appeared for the online quiz along with 450 teams and was among the top 100 shortlisted for Round 2.

In second round, the shortlisted teams from Round 1 competed against each other in a 5 day virtual trading competition on the Trakinvest platform. The team competed against other colleges in the virtual trading competition and secured 5th position among the shortlisted 100.

The final 9 teams were called to the SPJIMR campus to present their trading strategy to the judges. Pratyush and Harish presented their trading strategy to the judges present and secured the 1st position.

The Winning Strategy

stock and roll, pratyush sharma, harish advani, Pratyush and Harish said “The trading strategy we used was an active strategy. As the strategy suggests, it means employing a more hands- on approach to outperform the stock indices rather than mirroring the stocks constituted in the Nifty Index. We followed the current business environment and based our selection of stocks on two key themes – The US election and the effects of demonetization. With these themes in mind, we had a positive outlook towards the banking and pharma sectors and a negative outlook towards the IT sector. We also kept a track on stocks which witnessed a usual spike in buying volumes and took advantage by buying those stocks as well. Lastly, we didn’t leave any money lying idle, and continuously kept looking at stocks to reinvest our earnings.”

Therefore, it is possible to earn greater returns than the market by employing active trading strategies. Mid cap stocks are more prone to price movements making this a good category of stocks to invest and trade in.

Both Pratyush and Harish reached out to their faculty in the Finance area, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, whose expertise in the area is well-known and encourages students to learn in the class as well outside the class.

“Dr. Narayani emphasizes that we practically use what we learn in the class. An aspect of finance that ma’am is very passionate about is trading. While preparing for the final round, we discussed our strategy with ma’am and prepared our presentation keeping her advice in mind”, says Harish.

A Testimonial by participants of Stock n Roll.

Here's a testimonial from Team Titans (NMIMS Bangalore; Members: Harish Advani, Pratyush Sharma), where they talk about the things they liked about the event "Stock n Roll" and SPJIMR OJAS 9! Great going, Stock n Roll Team!

Posted by SPJIMR OJAS on Montag, 30. Januar 2017

“Our PGDM senior Abhishek has taken part in various inter-college competitions and provided us some valuable advice from his experiences,” adds Harish. “Do not get bogged down by the intense competition. If your fundamental knowledge is correct, no team can beat you-”were some of the words of motivation from Abhishek.

Harish feels that students should participate in such inter-collegiate competitions to learn and get an all-round perspective from these events along with meeting interesting people.
A few things which also helped the team to win the competition was their positive attitude, enthusiasm and hunger to win.

After the results were declared, the organizers at SP Jain congratulated us and said “The enthusiasm with which your team made the presentation, it was clear that your team was going to win!” says Pratyush proudly.