Toastmasters Club to help NMIMS-B students discover their better self

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Words are not mere words. They are the foundation on which relationships are built, opinions are swayed, and history has been witness to umpteenth such incidents. Words can make or break a deal. Words have the power to lead men into a losing battle, and win it.

But when you speak in front of a gathering, is it just the words? No. It’s the performance.

Imagine yourself making a presentation. Suddenly your thoughts break, knees tremble, your mouth goes dry, and you cannot shake off the thought of all those eyes expectantly staring at you. Demons get the better of the best of us when it comes to Public speaking. But there’s a place where you can effectively allay these challenges – a Toastmasters session.

Toastmasters International is a platform where leaders are made. The NMIMS Bengaluru chapter of Toastmasters International was charted on 1st December 2016 with the mission of making a difference to people’s lives. Under the valuable guidance of our mentors Dr. Deepti Ganapathy, Mr. Jeetinder Jain and Mrs. Vanitha Rangarajan Jha we intend to add value to anyone who joins our initiative. And although the format may seem simple – prepared speeches, table topics, and evaluations – the beauty lies in seeing people grow right in front of your eyes, emulating the best of the best techniques and delivering the essence of what they want to say. Because everyone can speak, but not everyone can talk, says Ashutosh Mishra, an active member of Toastmasters Club.

And right when you think that that’s just all, you are introduced to a host of events which enrich your experience – Linkers Meetings, Themed Sessions with other clubs and your own, competitions with some of the best people, and peer to peer learning environment with constructive feedbacks. Every meeting has a definitive set of roles and role players who come prepared to add value to themselves and to all the participants of that meeting. Members learn leadership skills by taking up initiatives, interpersonal skills by working with each other, organizational skills by conducting meetings, addressing feedback the right way, and of course – talking – by completing projects from a host of diverse themes.

Paridhi Katyal, another member of club confidently summarizes this activity as a chance to discover your better self.

So if any NMIMS-B student is looking for a delightful experience and a chance to know yourself better, Toastmasters Club members meet every Monday at 7 PM at NMIMS Bengaluru Campus.

You can also follow the club’s Facebook page for regular updates.