Indian students live their global dreams


For an aspiring Indian student, working with a globally acclaimed institution might seem like an ambitious dream, which is many goalposts away. However, it is more the case. Educational institutions are bridging the gap by taking their graduate and under-graduate students to international internships, paid projects and learning sessions. Not only do students gain the requisite exposure, global institutions too can recruit competent students with diversified experiences.

Harpratap Singh Layal is a Computer Engineering graduate student had the hands-on experience of the entire software development cycle while in UK for a paid internship project with Tumour Trace Ltd UK, a tech solutions company working on early detection of cancer. The student from Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering (MPSTME), an affiliate of NMIMS took many of their students to location and work for the project.

Layal is thrilled to be a part of the international approach to a project which is less bureaucratic and more pragmatic. “After most of the code was done, the CEO himself analysed the writing style. It’s rare to see someone with so many other important tasks at hand, helping us improve our coding style and give us advice on how to write better,” he said. The team successfully delivered device security architecture and user interface software for the organisation in 90 days, earning them laurels from the company.

Centre for International Projects

Maju Jacob, the director of international linkages at NMIMS feels that early exposure to real-time work experience, seeding aspirations into young, energetic minds. NMIMS has an international contract development centre which actively seeks paid work experience projects for students. The university coined a term called ‘experiential learning’ for their students.

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Currently, the centre is working on a project with a French retail company to develop a virtual shopping experience. “We placed two students in a major Japanese e-commerce company and another in the UK. With such work experience, we are putting our students on par with doctoral students. Our students presented an innovative research paper on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare at an international conference,” shared Jacob.

Never too young

Millennials are not merely enthusiastic, they are also frantic to test their classroom knowledge in real-life scenarios. Some of them have also become successful at targeting problems and bringing in innovative solutions, necessary for the digital age. “We at NMIMS are harnessing this enthusiasm where students can take on projects head-on. Out students can fine tune their theoretical skills,” says Jacob.  The programme takes education ahead of traditional academic principles of internalization.

The university started with expanding the research capabilities of the faculty. “We believe that any academic changes need to begin with faculty and that is the launchpad for changes at NMIMS. NMIMS provides opportunities to our faculty to visit and learn from global best universities through faculty exchange, conference participation and collaborative research.  We are the first University in India to get research fund from Newton-Bhaba for research in higher education system in collaboration with Royal Academy of Engineering and Cranfield University UK,” informed Jacob.

The international academic associations of NMIMS are with leading universities like Charles Darwin University in Australia, Tele Aviv University Israel, Westminster University UK and University of Calgary Canada, amongst others.