Never conclude the situation – Nikhil Gundale

A 2001 batch NMIMS alumnus, Mr. Nikhil Gundale is the Founder and CEO of WonderBi Analytics. Wonder Bi Analytics is an interactive mobile data visualization and business intelligence platform which can be used by anyone from small to large businesses. In a career spanning over 15 years he has worked with organisations such as Star India, Lowe Lintas and Tata Interactive Systems. His passion to create creative, intuitive and engaging data analytics solution for businesses led to the birth of WonderBi Analytics. He is a recipient of Future Strategist Award presented at Interop in recognition of innovation and technology leadership, and also the “CIO Ones to Watch” award where he was recognised as one of the 30 most promising IT talents of India. Following is our conversation with him:

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From holding various senior positions at companies such as Lionbridge, ICUS, Tata Interactive Systems, Star India and Lowe Lintus to starting Wonder Bi Analytics. What were the main driving factors behind the decision to start your business?

Let me first thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my views and experiences, it’s a great honor!

It was a rich learning experience of little over 15yrs in the corporate world where I got a chance to take up responsibilities at various levels of organizational value chain. When I look back I realize one of the main reasons I was able to deliver my responsibilities successfully was, being able to manage the activities like an entrepreneur. While on the corporate career path, I always aspired to become a successful entrepreneur. I tried executing various ideas alongside my day job but couldn’t achieve much. May be my experience was still not enough and even the environment then was not so conducive for the startups (even this terminology didn’t exist then).

After working with various businesses closely and able to contribute in the growth I realized that having vision is the key factor but along with it having a clear mission makes a whole difference.

This time I realized I have a clear mission along with my vision for WonderBi and this supported with great environment for startups and confidence of having gained good enough experience in the field of technology drove me to start my startup.

Data Analytics has gained immense importance in the recent years. Can you tell us about WonderBi and its role in the market?

Every business today irrespective of its size and industry has to take fast decisions and these decisions have to be backed by insights generated using data.

In my corporate career I was lucky to work on many business intelligence and analytics system deployments from end- to-end and realized the power of such tools as I witnessed the difference such tools made to the businesses.

Such deployments always demand high technology maturity, readiness, skilled resources and huge budgets within the organization. I realized that even the small and medium businesses need to gain insights based on data for decision making but never been able to fulfill the prerequisites for deployments of such tools and eventually rely on conventional, inefficient means.

This is the gap WonderBi is trying to bridge. WonderBi started with a mission to empower the small and medium businesses with the power of intuitive data visualization and business intelligence.

WonderBi Analytics is a cloud based, mobile data visualization and business intelligence platform which can be used by anyone from small to large businesses, and even a best fit for individuals. WonderBi is designed to give complete control to business executives and bring new perspectives on business critical data to take smart decisions at the right time. It is the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient data visualization and business intelligence platform which takes data and analytics wherever you go, giving complete freedom from reporting systems trapped in desktops/laptops.

WonderBi is a subscription based model makes it easy and affordable for any size of business and gain all the benefits of the tool without having IT expertise and IT infrastructure in place.[useful_banner_manager banners=15 count=1]

While you have had a number of achievements in your career, what has been the proudest moment of your professional life?

I see my professional life a journey divided in two parts first being working with corporates and the current being on an entrepreneurial spree. Each had its own moments – good, bad and proud. But of all a special moment I remember is when I was felicitated with Future Strategist Award for my contributions in the role of Assistant Vice President of Start TV by UBM at Interop – an important event of IT.

Have there been failures which helped you take better decisions later on in your life?

I have always believed in the quote by Napoleon Hill “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” In my corporate career as well as in the entrepreneurial initiatives I have faced many unsuccessful moments. I have learned a very important lesson from these incidences that one should never conclude the situation. There will be always few stones still remaining to be un-turned which will give you a better solution to get the desired result and new possibilities.

Could you share any special memory that is close to your heart from your time at NMIMS?

Oh! The years when I was living a student life in NMIMS way back in 1999 were one of the best years of my life. I remember each one of us had a spirit to do something new and innovative in the given assignments and industry projects. Our professor and in-charge of systems motivated me to take up a challenge to write a paper on any topic on technology.

Any particular advice that you would like to give our budding managers at NMIMS drawing from your own journey in the IT industry.

I am still learning… (he laughs) but based on whatever I’ve learnt so far, I can certainly say that you are at the right place at the right time. NMIMS has lots and lots to give you which will enrich you as a person and a professional. Do not waste time thinking/aspiring to work for money. It automatically follows once you have developed value within you. Don’t hesitate to do and learn new things that will add value in you. You will be driving the industry tomorrow.