Alumni committed to help NMIMS students – Ajit Gupte

An alumnus of 1984 batch of NMIMS and Chairman of NMIMS BUSINESS SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, Mr. Ajit Gupte's career spanning across various sectors and corporate companies has helped him reached various milestones.

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Mr Ajit  Gupte started his career with Philips India, was instrumental in designing and execution of Illumination of First underground Metro Railway of India, which won First Prize in World Illumination contest in Transportation category among more than 300 entries from world over.

While his stint in Videocon Appliances Ltd, he was promoted five times with seven years, he eventually become Plant Head & COO at the age of 38 years.

He was Senior Vice President of Reliance Industries Ltd. He is designated partner at RAAWS Consultancy. These days Mr Gupte is actively involved with activities of NMIMS BUSINESS SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, as its Chairman.

During an interview as we ask him about his training at NMIMS and in what way has it helped him achieve success. Mr Gupte quickly sums up, “I come from an engineering background, thus earlier, had this perception that technology is the main pillar, based on which any organisation flourishes. However, later on, after I joined NMIMS my thinking got deeper, I realized that there are several other essential and equally important pillars which accelerates the growth of an organisation, which includes marketing, finance, HR etc.”

He elaborates, “My NMIMS days helped me develop unique set of skills, which further assisted me in developing a broader vision and nurtured an holistic thinking pattern within me. As my training at the NMIMS helped me understand the development of complete Business Cycle, I became a Plant Head and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Videocon Appliance Ltd at an young age of 38.”

While describing his overall experience at NMIMS, he voiced his gratitude towards the faculties. Says Mr. Gupte, “It was indeed an wonderful experience, the institute fostered positive thinking within me, this attitude further cultivated the ability to identify and implement the solutions for organisational challenges by rational thinking and more importantly without maintaining any bias.”

He adds further, “I consider myself to be very lucky for having been met such excellent faculties at NMIMS. All the faculties had relevant industry and academic experience. And now, even after 32 years of completing my studies at NMIMS, it feels amazing to be in touch with them and moreover, they still motivate and encourage me to achieve higher goals and targets.”

Mr. Gupte is enthusiastic about the alumni community bonding together. While staying the necessity of alumni community bonding together, he says, “since this helps in exchanging industry experience which we share with present faculties at NMIMS.” 

As he describes major contributions of alumni association at NMIMS, Mr Gupte draws a comprehensive list of activities undertaken by them. Alumni experience, suggestions and views are taken into consideration by the institute’s core decision making body while revising syllabus, periodically.

While detailing on the manner NMIMS BUSINESS SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION has been contributing in several manner towards building NMIMS into a brand he mentions that the Alumni Association is in touch with more than 10,000 alumni, over 3000 alumni are part of the organisation as its Life Time Members and more than 500 CEOs are in constant touch with the institute.

Mumbai Chapter Coffee Meet 2017

Alumni association organises Chapter Meets across various cities and towns in India, and in various parts of the world as well. This exercise helps fellow alumni to interact with each other and further develop a strong bonding,” he describes.

“On a regular basis, alumni organises workshops which helps the participants develop an understanding of current economic situation,” says Mr. Gupte.

Alumni association offers scholarships to those students who face financial difficulties while pursuing their education. A student may be in need of financial assistance due to a sudden demise of an earning member in the family. The financial assistance provided by alumni is an ongoing process as the goal is to ensure that no student of the institute is forcefully drop put in midst of his/her course following financial constraints, informed Mr .Gupte.

Alumni association organises Mentor-Mentee workshops, which has benefited more than 200 students, as they get an exposure to real time industry experience which help them in securing jobs and understanding of industry’s working on a real time basis.

Expounding on Mentor- Men-tee workshops conducted for students by alumni, he says, “It is very important to mentor students since they get knowledge of Industry on real time basis. ‘Lead The Way’ is a 75-day mentorship program that is to be conducted over two phases,  scheduled from August up till the second week of October. This initiative serves as a direct interface between students and our distinguished alumni by providing a platform to second year students of the Full Time MBA programs to seek guidance and insights from them.”

Mr Gupte quips, “in the first phase, alumni from specific domains (Finance, Marketing, IT & Consulting, HR and Operations) are invited to address the students and help them decide on individual career choices and eventually enable them to be prepared better for placements. During Individual Mentoring, shortlisted students across all specialisations are then assigned with a mentor based on the student’s area of interest and mentor’s area of expertise. The mentee and mentor can interact as per their convenience and the medium of communication can be in-person, telephonic, Skype, e-mails etc.”

We quizzed him, if he would hire NMIMS students, what qualities he would look for, Mr Gupte has an interesting reply – While hiring NMIMS students, we look into their understanding of Industry, economy, knowledge and on personal front, the candidate’s integrity.