Pharmacy school conducts “Swachchhata hi Seva” Drive in Shirpur

Care for surroundings public places

School of Pharmacy and Technology Management (SPTM), Shirpur observed “Swacchata hi Seva” drive from 15th September to 2nd October 2018 as a part of the Swaccha Bharat Mission. During this period various activities were conducted by the staff and student volunteers of SPTM to kindle the social awareness about cleanliness of surroundings. The activities involved clean campus, clean surroundings (Public places, markets and hospital); compost pit activity and cleanest hostel rooms. While the activities generated sound interest of the student volunteers; they also delivered a strong message of “Clean Shirpur-Healthy Shirpur” to the general population of the town. The various activities were conducted as under:

The clean campus day involved cleaning of the institute premises. A cleanliness drive was also carried out at Boys Hostel premises, NMIMS Shirpur campus.

An Essay contest was also organized for students on “Innovative Ways for Spreading the Message of Hygiene”. D. Pharm. student Krishna Shelke won the competition while M. Pharm. student Shivani Dani was the runner-up.

The “Clean surroundings: Roads” involved cleaning of the roads to the institute and the entrances of academic buildings. “Care of surroundings: Public Places” involved cleanliness drive at the surrounding village Sawalde. Students from D. Pharm. actively participated with sincere efforts. The honourable Sarpanch of Savalde Mr. Prashant V. Patil interacted with students and shared his views about cleanliness and hygiene and appreciated the efforts of the institute in this regard.

Students actively participated in the activity “Care of surroundings: Market” at Karwand Naka, Shirpur. The “Care of Surroundings: Hospital” activity was conducted at Govt. Sub Divisional Hospital (Cottage Hospital). Doctors at the hospital interacted with students and shared their views about cleanliness and hygiene and praised the initiative of the institute.

The clean room contest was conducted at the boy’s and girl’s hostel to create awareness about cleanliness in routine life.

At the Compost Activity site the students were informed about the importance of compost pit in preparation of organic manure and why organic fertilizers in agriculture are the need of the hour as various agencies and reports suggest the harmful effects of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. They were also explained about how the organic waste is segregated from the inorganic waste and the procedure for preparation of compost.

This drive provided the students and people of Shirpur and surrounding areas with a strong belief that cleanliness and hygiene are imperative in maintaining health of the individuals and the society.