A hallmark of excellence: Charting the future collaboration path of NMIMS with University of Guelph, Canada


Mumbai, 5 February 2019:

The spirit of Indo-Canadian friendship and warm ties were once again on display as Mr. Daniel Atlin (Vice President – External, University of Guelph, Canada) discussed in length, interesting future academic prospects to collaborate, with NMIMS University.

Mr. Daniel articulated that “To improve life and quickly adapt to ever-changing scenarios, we need research to be the driving force to find solutions in areas as diverse as Food Security, Climate Change, Water Research, Agro Waste along with the domains of Science & Engineering.” With over 150 years’ experience and expertise behind it, University of Guelph believes in creating community of learners, something which NMIMS solidly endorses, inculcates and delivers.

Mr. Pawas Agarwal (PVC, NMIMS) outlined the growing influence of NMIMS as its legacy of 38 years with 8 campuses, 16 constituent schools and more than 15,000 students has become a globalized world in itself.

 “The power of future collaboration could very much enable both like-minded institutions of excellence to create leaders who would have the knack to solve pressing needs of today and tomorrow” said Meena Saxena (Director – International Linkages, NMIMS) while discussing the contours of integrated programs across disciplines.

Dr. N T Rao (Dean, MPSTME) laid special emphasis on exploring the field of water research cohesively with University of Guelph while also addressing the evolving fields of AI, Data Analytics and Cyber Security. Dr. Prashant S Kharkar (Professor, SPPSPTM) put forth interesting insights with regards to the world of Nano Technology and Drug Discovery, something which can take the partnership a notch higher.

To sum it up, this exchange of ideas between NMIMS & University of Guelph readies a fertile ground which has the advantage to empower students and faculty, as this possible future collaboration encompasses the best of both the worlds.