Hexacopter-UAS-NMIMS team stood 4th in the payload drop category at Aero India Drone Olympics


Team UAS-NMIMS from MPSTME, NMIMS Shirpur campus has been soaring the skies like always. With the recent participation in the AERO INDIA DRONE OLYMPICS, Bangalore an event held for the very first time. Outperforming other teams, UAS NMIMS stood tall by taking a drone unique in it’s own and far beyond it’s capabilities. It is a six propeller configuration drone, called a Hexacopter designed for heavy lifting and larger range.

The team was led by Prayas Gupta and was accompanied by 6 other students from 2 and 3 year. Safety pilot Apurva Agarwal brilliantly maneuvered the drone to victory, with avionic assistance from Mohit Kenia the team completed several missions autonomously.

The Hexacopter was required to take a payload of 2 kg and drop it to a site 1 km away and come back to it’s home location, which it was able to do in 7 minutes. The team was amongst 6 teams which were able to perform the task successfully in the prelims and successfully performed at the finals on 21st February, 2019. The team brushed it’s shoulders with large companies and stood 4th in the payload drop category.

The whole air show was featured on many leading news channels Along with the videos above, YouTube links for further details.




The Team stood 5th in world and First in India amongst 69 Teams from all over the globe earlier in 16th AUVSI SUAS Competition held at Maryland USA during 13 June to 16 June 2018.