Graphology workshop by NMIMS alumni association encourages alumni-student bond offers opportunities for learning new skills, says Ajit Gupte


Graphology workshop by NMIMS alumni association encourages alumni-student bond offers opportunities for learning new skills, says Mr. Ajit Gupte

With his inspiring and generous personality Mr Ajit Gupte, founding Director of NMIMS Business School Alumni Association, leads the organisation with a new and dynamic vision engaging and uniting its members to support the education cause of NMIMS.

In one of such endeavour towards connecting students with alumni and imparting skills, NMIMS Business School Alumni Association had organised a workshop on Graphology at NMIMS conducted by graphologist Mansi Thakker at NMIMS.

Mansi could easily connect with students and alumni during the workshop which focused on various aspects of Graphology and how it can assist in our personal and professional lives.

“Graphology is not a mystic science but pure science and it is connected to our nature and traits. Handwriting analysis help us in understanding the mindset of our colleagues, thus it can aid in reducing the communication gaps and generate teamwork,” said Mansi, who is an alumni of NM college.

During the workshop Mansi also explained the impact our signature create on our  lives, citing common examples, depicting traits it reveals and ways it affects us.

Mr Gupte while highlighting how the workshop may benefit, both the students and alumni achieve success in their academic and corporate environment by putting these skills into practice, said, “the idea behind this workshop was to provide a better understanding about graphology which will help them in various areas such as recruitment, career guidance, personality profiling, personal growth and so on.”

Mansi while bringing out aspects of graphology, said, “handwriting is like your mind graph. In the classroom if you could really understand passion of each student, we would not have burnt out CAs engineers and MBAs.”

Mr Gupte also stressed that the association has been seeking involvement of alums in such activities as it help them connect for mutual benefits, specially creating learning spaces.

Mr Gupte, who has been actively promoting knowledge sharing platforms opines that

such programmes encourages alumni bonding, rekindle friendships, some of them visit campus years after their graduating days, they get opportunity to meet students as well. “The thrill and enthusiasm of meeting batch mates can be experienced here,”

Both, Mr Gupte and Mansi stressed how learning skills such as these, can ensure smooth and efficient communication at office increasing efficiency.

The workshop which ended with a round of interesting questions from students saw an intelligent audience who immersed themselves in the nuances of the ‘pure science of Graphology’ as Mansi elaborated.

Noted fashion designer Archana Kochhar, who is also an alumni of NM, was the chief guest on the occasion. Archana expressed how thrilled she was coming back to the campus after several years. Archana also noted proudly that the classrooms at NMIMS were far much better than those attended by her daughter in the US.

NMIMS Business School Alumni Association plays an important role in keeping the University connected to this global family of illustrious alumni.