Moot point: The future of law and justice in globalizing world


Mumbai, 26 March 2019:

Deliberations, contemplations and discussions between legal luminaries and the young minds of tomorrow formed the essence of a thought provoking discussion on the future of law and justice in a globalizing world at NMIMS University’s Kirit P. Mehta School of Law. The talk focused as to how we are moving towards a world without borders because of immense penetration of technology alongside a rising call for protectionist measures.

Hon’ble Ms. Justice Sabrina S. Mckenne (Judge, Supreme Court Hawaii,  USA) set the momentum going when she shared that rule of law is fundamental to a democratic society and most importantly young people need to preserve this idea, time and again. She further added that the decision making process should reflect the plurality of a society.

“Protecting freedom and protecting human rights in the future while ensuring impartial justice can go a long way in creating a cohesive and an all encompassing democratic society” shared Dr. C. Rajkumar (Vice Chancellor, Jindal Global University).


Hon’ble Mr. Justice Michael D. Wilson (Judge, Supreme Court Hawaii, USA) said that the most important issue facing our generation today is the looming threat of climate change and it’s necessary to apply the rule of law, the most powerful tool of all, to improve quality and preserve human civilization.


The session concluded that jurisprudence will always be at the vanguard in creating a just and equal society.