Valuable perspectives on the socio political conditions of India today by Mr. Kumar Ketkar


The Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts, Mumbai Campus hosted the final session of Edition 1 of its signature ‘Seedhi Baat’ discussion on economic, political and social issues with renowned speaker Mr. Kumar Ketkar on Friday 5th April. Mr. Ketkar’s position as an MP and a senior journalist, whose experience with the Economic Times, the Maharashtra Times and editorial positions at Marathi newspaper Loksatta enabled him to give the students valuable perspectives on the socio political conditions of India today.

Opening with several amusing observations of the generational gap in the room, Mr. Ketkar provided an account of India’s radical transformation in the last century, punctuated by personal anecdotes. Important issues such as the polarization of our country on a community basis and the impending environmental crisis were covered, with active participation and debate between the students, facilitated by Mr. Ketkar.

The students ended the session with a more informed perspective on how to vote in the upcoming elections, and in eager anticipation of the second edition of Seedhi Baat.