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6 Ways An MBA Degree Can Help Entrepreneurs

A Master’s of Business Administration will grant you theoretical knowledge, skills to tackle the business world and substantial networks inside and outside the classroom....

Mid-Career Crisis in Professional Life

Most of the youngster from the current generation opts for the career immediately after the graduation due to multiple reasons. It could be the...

What a Pharma Executive needs to be in Leadership Role

Mr. Yugal Sikri discusses building holistic talent in Working Managers of Pharma Industry through NMIMS SBM's Executive MBA in Pharmaceutical Management. Mr. Sikri is a senior...





Future is waiting for Digital Bharat

Digital transformations in India continues to gather pace and in past few years, digital reforms have reached almost all sectors of the economy. However,...

Success mantras for startups

Dr. Rajan Saxena - A critical thinker, an analyst, a strategic planner, an inborn leader who was a director of SP Jain Institute of...