20 ways to avoid the Anxiety creep into your mind

Meeta T. Shah, Psychologist and Counsellor at NMIMS, offers tips to avoid the Anxiety creep into your mind.

  1. Close your eyes and sit down in a quiet place for 20 minutes every day. Be aware of the heart beats and just be aware of each breath you take and relax, gradually  you will notice that your heart beats and breathing have calmed down.
  1. Take small breaks of 10 minutes in between every 40 minutes of studying. Eat an apple and drink lots of water.
  1. Have more protein based small meals. To avoid drowsiness .Avoid oily food and have light small meals in the whole day especially before sleep.
  1. If you know Yoga and Pranayama it  also helps to calm down all turbulent senses.
  1. To benefit optimal Performance avoid late nights and try to get good 7 to 8 hours sleep every night. As it is important for the Brain to rest and get nourished for the next day performance, memorising etc.
  1. When you want to drive a car first you need to have clear ignition issues . Similarly to start your revision start with the subject or topic you know well first. That helps to start up.
  1. Try not to revise an entire portion at one time read as much as you can. Scan what you know and take help of drawing diagrams /charts/ trees with branches which needs more revision.
  1. Be present and concentrate on the page you are studying a lot stuff will get covered as you remain consistent with your efforts.
  1. If you shift your focus to the volume you will get stuck and anxiety will start creeping into your minds.
  1. Try not to dwell too much on the chapters you find very difficult keep it for the last to reread once the rest is over or anxiety will sink into your mind.
  1. In between your study in your breaks try out yoga/ exercise /walks / crunches and creating humour as it shoos off the anxiety and energizes you to sit for more work.
  1. Avoid talking to friends who are well prepared and who  are not helpful to you or create even more anxiety in you.
  1. Interact only with students with whom you bond well and  who are helpful to you.
  1. Remember the facts that no one is completely ready for the exams there is always some concern and sense of incompleteness in all.
  1. Do a realistic appraisal of self and it would vanish the assuming catastrophic or minimising thoughts of not knowing anything.

16. Avoid thinking  of future paper or marks as it will light the fire of anxiety . Just read revise and  retrieve  and be in present.

  1. Eat well dear and do not bother about the marks. Forming a target to score scares many. So just put your head down sincerely and go ahead.
  1. Parents love you inspite of them disapproving of your performance. Their anger does not mean they don’t love you . Be honest with them that bonds you with them.
  1. No one is concerned about your progress except your loved ones. Share your love with them hug them often.
  1. Marks and results are not the only proof of your worthiness. You are a good human being so do not rate self, overall you are good. It’s the performance or maybe  the choice you  had made earlier of not putting all your efforts . We all are fallible human beings we do make mistakes we learn from our mistakes teaches us what we prefer to avoid and what helps. It’s just an exam. After 10 years down the line it won’t mean much.

So Prepare well but CHILL.

   If you may not do well it is not the end of the world.