Teachers’ Day : The hues of learning


‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’

                                                                                             -Henry Adams



Our current disposition is the fruit of our dogged persistence for improvement. Our history has been separated by eons; our generations have evolved and differed vastly in the methods of life itself. Our future shall be the culmination of our strife, and the beginning of a new paradigm: One of discovery, one of renewed hope.

What has kept us afloat all through? Who has united us across races, across distances, across time? Indeed it is the foresight of a few enlightened beings, the quest for dissemination of knowledge, the hope of a world unified by humility and understanding.


They manifest in different forms. They function in varied capacities. They essay indispensable duties.

Mother, Father, Sir, Ma’am, Brother, Sister. So many others!

Right from one’s nascence, to his sunset, the teacher shapes his very being. Our perspectives of seeing the world, understanding it, living in it, thriving in it, and importantly, dreaming in it, were first unearthed by our mothers & fathers, and eventually by our beloved teachers. While they paved the way for our growth and entrance to the stage of <responsibility>, we were next greeted by the hard taskmaster, who taught us that there are stakes involved. Learning is the fruit of a disciplined mind and heart.  Knowledge is not without challenge, while it is endowed with opportunity.


Teachers salvage us from our deficiencies, stepping in when our intellect fails to drive us toward our goal. Not stopping short, they go the extra mile. They unravel our sparks, our distinct gifts and hone them further. Right from the PT teacher at school to the English teacher, the central message of teaching is and has always been informed by love. A love for growth, for mutual understanding, for celebrating the joys of learning. Together.

Teachers act as bridges, transcending the gulf between experience and enthusiasm. Our enthusiasm knows no bounds, never knew none. Their wealth of experience nourishes and provides avenues to express our enthusiasm.

An example.

Teachers set them. A multitude of them. They don’t let go of their composure when the situation most justifiably warrants them to. They unwillingly take us to task in our most inconsequential erring. They set the standards. They live them. Throughout.


They envision our future, striving years along to polish our potential. They leave their dreams behind, only to take ours further. They inspire our pursuit. To the extent that we honour them as role models today. Someone whom we want to emulate in the journey ahead.


They protect us, from all adversity. All impediments to our development, all that thwarts our progress. All this they confront. Unless the time calls upon us to stand up to our demons. They then let go of us. Fulfillment. Of their dream. Of our education.

The times although, have undergone changes. The teachers. They haven’t.

Teaching today is a two way process. A good teacher entails a good student. A good student enforces a good teacher. The impetus lies on us, to responsibly exercise our faculty of learning. To listen, to learn, to ask. To reciprocate their dedication. To empathise with them. Fulfill them. To reward their commitment with perseverance. To remember them and not push them into oblivion.

The unfortunate consequence of our times is the fact that learning has regressed from being an obligation to a choice. We skip, often, the subtle lessons. We forgo their gems for our arrogance. We chase material pursuits, oriented toward professional success. Our time is spent chasing these, not lived in holistic learning.

This teacher’s day, let us celebrate in unison. Reminisce those small joys, those humble triumphs, those covert giggles, those stark realisations, those harmonising punishments. Relive how today they make us who we are.

Reach out to the ones who’ve taught you. In class or outside of it. Academics or Morals. Maths or The Arts. The sweet and the tough.

And in the spirit of teacher’s day, let’s renew our covenant with learning. Learn. Make Mistakes. Teach. Be taught.

A very happy teacher’s day to all of you!

Sourabh Francis Author of this article Sourabh Francis is an Economics, Mathematics and Statistics graduate, and currently pursuing MBA at NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai. He is motivated by the pursuit of knowledge and to that end loves reading, debating and quizzing. He enjoys conversations and is open to engage in one over a cup of tea.