Law students discuss “Growth of Journalism” in ANHAD

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The discussion in the ANHAD’s third session at KPM School of Law revolved around much debated issues in contemporary times, The Growth of Journalism in India and Abroad. At such a tender and evolving stage of our discussions, the discussion opened the gates of many new ideas and sensitive issues which concern the conduct the fourth Pillar of our democracy, the Press in particular and media in general. The discussion witnessed Prof. Dr. Paritosh Basu (Dean- In-charge) dispersing his invaluable insights and voicing his opinion on ‘Journalism for inclusive growth’, ‘Journalism for Bharat not for India’ and ‘Responsible Journalism’.

Held on 11th January, 2018, the discussion surfaced out the bitter truths that Journalism in India and outside witnesses, Lack of credibility, journalistic ethics, Sensanalization and TRP Journalism, the rising concept of fake news and its impact on masses, the threats journalists face while reporting truth and laws revolving around the threat and journalism.

The discussion ended on a positive note, by celebrating the true spirit of Journalism and how innumerable times it protected the fabric of democracy and humanity in India.

ANHAD is a discussion platform at NMIMS KPM School of Law, open to everyone, who wishes to participate, speak and deliberate on issues which concern an individual who thinks independently considering herself / himself the part of society.  It is an initiative to promote constructive dialogue between students, teachers, citizens, thinkers and others who contribute one way or the other the creative side of our society, an initiative which is started by voluntary group of students from NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law under the mentorship of Prof.  Ravi Saxena. ANHAD has earlier conducted sessions on issues like “Rohingya Crisis: Concerning Humanistic Crisis and India” and “Growing Chinese Supremacy in Asia and the world”.

anhad, paritosh basu, kpmsol, law school, journalism, discussion

ANHAD is growing and the reasons of its growth are located in our insatiable urge to search truth and conceive a just society. ANHAD is for minimizing marginalities and empowering the creative India!