Tech Fest, IGNITE 2.0 @Navi Mumbai Campus


SVKM’s NMIMS is delighted to share second edition of Tech Fest, IGNITE 2.0. It was organised by School of Technology Management & Engineering (STME), Navi Mumbai Campus on 6th/7th March, 2020. The opening ceremony was attended by chief guests Mr. Kuntal Joisher, A Vegan Mountain Climber Who Conquered Mount Everest, Mr. Rajesh S. Kadu, Head HR & General Administration, Business & Product Development of  Ashtavinayak Construction and Energy Pvt Ltd. , Dr. Parthasarathi Mukherjee, Director, Navi Mumbai Campus, Cdr. Dr. Arvind Mathur, Associate Dean, Prof. Tejaswini Chavan, Chairperson of Ignite 2020 of Navi Mumbai Campus.








Chief Guest Mr. Kuntal Joisher shared his inspiring story of climbing the Everest and gave an important message to the students for dealing with highs and lows of life.

Chief Guest Mr. Kadu talked about the market relevant skills which were useful in giving an insight to the students of present-day corporate scenarios.

IGNITE is the annual technical festival of STME started in the year 2019 with the aim to give a platform for the technologies of future and also to have a time of their lives amidst the perfect blend of amusement and illuminations for a better tomorrow. Ignite 2020 consisted of events which had taste of both the technical and amusement worlds.

Ignite 2.0 was a two-day extravaganza which had a plethora of events such as Code Frenzy, Blind Coding, Code Swap, Debugging, E-Sports, among others
Ignite 2020 consisted of events which had taste of both the technical and amusement worlds. It was the organizing committee that brainstormed and ended up curating ideas this fun filled event. The result of tireless work resulted in a grand success with people having best of their time. The festivity had a different high – with colors popping from every corner, a buzz of energy that never died and the excitement in the campus which was remarkable. There was something going on everywhere – from the colorful posters on the wall that spoke of everything science accomplished and everything that lay ahead, to the never-ending isle of fun-filled activities lined up for everyone to test and appreciate their wits. Ignite 2.0 set the college in a new haven – in the heart of everything new – innovation, ideation, creativity and imagination. This year Ignite was sponsored by Adhiraj, Marathon, Apar advertisers, Shree Advertisers, Europe Study center, NEEM travels, Devangi Outdoor Advertisers, Ashtavinayak energy, Radio city 91.1 FM and Olive e- vehicle.
be even grander, greater and glorious than even the previous edition.
CODE FRENZY: The event consisted of 8 perspicacious participants and they had to face two rounds of tricky coding questions with the rounds being:
First round – ‘Blind Coding’ and ‘Debugging’
In Blind coding, the screen was concealed as the coder was to type the code without looking at the screen. The round consisted of 30 minutes. A paper and pen were provided to solve the questions first. Each team had the liberty of choosing one person for blind coding and the other person for debugging.
Second round- ‘Code Swap’
The teams of two were to finish a code for given two questions within an hour.  But the prerequisite was that the team members were not allowed to speak to one another during code swap and after every 15 minutes, they were to switch their places and continue working on the each other’s code. So, one of the teams (Shiva and Shraddha) came up with a brilliant loophole of leaving comments in the code for the other person.
The game was concluded with a draw between Harshit Gokharu and Kshitij (MBA Tech. 3rd year) and Divyansh Puri and Vedant Shah (MBATech 2nd year).
EXHIBITION: Ignite 2020 introduced the idea of a technological Exhibition. It gave an opportunity for the students to showcase their personal or group projects based on cutting edge technologies and innovations from all around the world.
With the aim of helping students from all different fields to broaden their vision, STME students endeavoured to develop a scientific approach within the hearts of the students, updating them with the latest technologies. One such project was a Bluetooth aided, mobile robot whose motions could be controlled by the user by giving specific voice commands. After processing the speech, the necessary motion instructions are given to the mobile platform via the RF link through the Bluetooth Module. The app is developed in such a way that it converts the voice command to text and transfer the text to the connected Bluetooth device. Students could also go through project reports written by the authors of the projects, concluding a day well spent, stimulating their minds.
CS GO: Counter-Strike took the gaming industry by surprise when the unlikely MOD became the most played online PC action game in the world almost immediately after its release. it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise. Ignite featured a CS:GO tournament on both days of the fest, bringing teams from all around to prove their gaming prowess by going against each other in several rounds of intense competition. Two teams go against each other in a single round of CS:GO with each side picking either the Terrorist side or the Counter-terrorist side. The teams were ranked according to their total number of victories and also the number of kills scored by that team over the course of a match. The team with the best ranking as well as their next closest runner up received an award and all the other remaining teams were rewarded with a participation certificate. The event gained much attention and was very popular among passionate gamers.
FIFA: FIFA is the new age stress buster for every footballer, whether young or old, everyone can show their skills through this digital platform. FIFA is drip-feeding the more thoughtful parts of the game to youngsters, whose football brains are becoming more advanced than those of previous generations. Promoting this the team of Ignite introduced FIFA in the fest.  It was a one on one event, the participants played in the virtual reality using controller. Versions of FIFA used were FIFA19 AND FIFA20. Each round was knockout based. It continued for 2 days, with a total of 52 participants.
PUBG: The world online has exploded into battle royale madness, with the launch of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG mobile has staked its claim as one of the best-selling and most-played games in Google Play Store also one of the most competitive games being played these days. A tournament of the game was organised by Ignite event organisers on both days of the Tech fest. The event garnered amazing response from PUBG players inside as well as outside the college. On the first day of the tournament, all teams engaged in all out combat in classic matches in Erangle, Sanhok and Vikendi maps in the game. The teams were ranked based on their in-game position and also their total number of kills scored by them during the game. There were prizes for the team that achieved the #1 ranking and their runner up. The remaining teams were awarded with participation certificates. The event was overall a very fun-filled and enthralling frenzy of gaming. The players gave it their all and enjoyed a much needed respite from academics in the PUBG tournament.
ROBO FOOTBALL: Where technology meets sports, Robo Football was an amalgamation of two of the most admired subparts from both the topics – Robots and Football.
Robo Football was an open event, one that every age group can thoroughly enjoy. Participants cherished the thrill of steering robots with the help of a remote control as they tackle a highly commended game in the sports community. The participants with the most goals in a given amount of time, win!
Robo football aimed to inspire people from all areas of science as well as the sports field.
3D JENGA: London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, a little correction, bricks of Jenga are falling down! What a fun it was balancing those 45 bricks of Jenga. All among 6 participants, the most patient was able to win the goodies. Only if these participants were architects, we could have got to see buildings with structure difficult to imagine yet steady enough balance itself. One mistake and the tower collapses, hence only the most patient went on to prove itself as the balancing master. Each game lasted for 15mins and with each move the task became more difficult hence every move had to be calculated beforehand to stop the tower from collapsing. Still one of them had to manage to cross all the difficulties to be called the campion.
All your answers are inside this box
with google, sometimes it talks…
simple answer- computer, right?
Well it won’t be so straightforward if you were a participant of the Treasure Hunt competition. Some mind-boggling puzzles, twisting clues, competitive teams and tickling clock, sounds fun right? This is exactly what participants had to go through for treasure hunt competition organized by the STEM students in the ignite tech fest. With a participation of in total 11 teams treasure hunt became one among the most registered events. The theme of the event was avengers, the first round was question and answer round ranging from easy to hard and was judged based the fastest correct answer. 6 teams were able to qualify to the next round which was the heart of the game. Each team was assigned a particular colour chit containing a clue for the location and the stone. One chit leads them to the location and another chit has the clue for the respective stone. The clues were spread all-over the campus. Since the hunt was time bound students gave their one hundred percent and used their wits to the fullest. All the 5 stones were assembles according to the gauntlet by the smartest and swiftest team . The winning team was awarded goodies. Such a fun event which only the smartest and swiftest could possibly dare to play, it became one of the reasons for success of the fest!
CRACK THE CODE: Crack the Code was Ignites very own mystery room challenge and got all the contestants’ brains ticking. The game was divided into three levels each with a trial of its own. Five teams took part in this mind boggling task, from across the schools on the campus.
The teams were to find clues which were numerical in order to advance to the next level. The main room was divided into three rooms which accommodated for the three levels. The energy was high and the atmosphere was tense as each of the five teams hustled to find their way out of each room and ultimately be the first to emerge the winners.
Finally, only two teams finished the game – the winners being the Second Year BA LLB team led by Vidhi Dua and followed up by the Second Year MBA Tech team led by Divyansh Puri. Overall, the game was a fun-filled addition to the biggest celebration of intellect, ideas and technology that Ignite 2.0 was.
LIVE LUDO: Made on a life-size scale, the Ludo board enticed onlookers to participate in the game. With a small twist to the conventional rules of the game, here, each team had to ‘safe’ two out of four players of their designated colour.
Live Ludo witnessed a very good amount of participation compared to the other events. The participants had a lot of fun tossing around the huge life-size dice! Two rounds were conducted, out of which the remaining 4 teams made it to the finals. Jumping, jostling and strategizing; sometimes even trying to fit into the same tile and landing on safe zones, the game concluded with one winning team and one runner up.
The winners were Second Year BBA lead by Shruti Garg followed by the Runner up Second Year MBA Tech lead by Rafe Sheikh. Live Ludo was overall a successful, fun and interactive game in Ignite v2.0 among a plethora of other sports and events.
BLIND RC RACING: Bringing twists and fun in everything , the team of ignite introduced the idea of Blind RC Racing, wherein two teams were supposed to participate. Each team had two members, with one of the players controlling the car having a  blindfold on and the other guiding him/her on the path. Both the teams were given a trial run on an oval path to acquaint them with the controls and functioning of the cars. The team which took the least time was to be declared the winner after considering the penalties.
On the first day, the winner was Arpit from BBA with the winning time of 1 min and 50 Seconds.
On the second day, the game was switched to obstacle racing  with one on one competing instead of teams. Tracks were made using cardboard boxes and obstacles for the players to navigate their way through.
The winner on the second day was Aryan Yadav from B.Tech first year.
GLOW CRICKET: In order to enhance the simple game of what we call box cricket, the team of the ignite fest gave the game a makeover by adding hues of neon! Hence coined glow in the dark. The game was to be conducted in pitch dark with boundaries being specified by neon paints and stickers. The game was to be played by a neon ball. The players were marked with neon dots adhering to the same rules of the game. The event was held in the seminar hall on the first floor. The teams with more runs won the respective round and qualified to the next level. Each team had 6 players, 5 main and 1 substitute. Two teams competed over the course of 5 overs . The matches lasted for 30-40 minutes. During the course of the matches conducted in the two days, we had two winners. On the first day the faculty team won members followed by BTech first year team on the second day. The overall event was a success and once again ignite proved to celebrate out of box ideas.
CLOSING CEREMONY: Ignite 2020 ended with a glamorous evening with a range of music performances by the music committee of NMIMS Navi Mumbai,  a Singing and rap performance by Akash Dadlani, Stand ups by Gaurav Kapoor and Joel Dsouza. The Navi Mumbai beatbox association gave an performance full of vigour and showcased their talents at best.


Ignite 2.0 intended to celebrate science in its purest form – the one that used to make us curious looking up at the night sky as kids, the one that got us so pumped the first time we entered the chem lab or even the simple fascination of seeing a touch-me-not do its magic for the first time – And it did exactly that. The students and faculty alike were reminded of what got them here in the first place, made everyone a little nostalgic, a little more curious, and a lot happier. Ignite was the perfect blend of science, technology, marvel, beauty and fun and there can’t be anyone who isn’t waiting for the next edition!