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Young Students from NMIMS Hyderabad Make History with Research Paper Presentation at IBSSC 2023 Conference

Hyderabad, 03 July, 2023: Two brilliant minds from NMIMS University in Hyderabad, S. Pavithra and Trisha Reddy, have made a remarkable breakthrough in smart city development. Their research paper, “A Technological-Based Lighting System for Easy Life,” presented at the IBSSC 2023 conference in Mumbai, has caught the attention of academia and industry alike. These first-year students from the School of Technology Management & Engineering have created a connected drone-based emergency lighting system.

Imagine clusters of drones equipped with intelligent lighting modules, ready to brighten dark areas during power outages or emergencies. These drones transmit real-time video to nearby police stations, improving public safety. This innovative invention could also potentially save lives and help those stranded on highways. The system also has applications beyond emergencies, such as merging surveillance cameras with intelligent lighting to create a virtual security network, deterring wrongdoers and ensuring safety.

Merely 19 years old, Pavithra and Trisha from 1st year B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) at School of Technology Management & Engineering showed dedication and balanced their academic pursuits with the demands of their project. Their achievements have inspired their peers and showcased the potential of research and innovation. Pavithra and Trisha’s success story has opened doors for future students, encouraging them to dream big and strive for excellence.

Their journey throughout this research endeavor has been both inspiring and challenging. Despite being first-year students, they exhibited exceptional dedication and a thirst for knowledge. Their meticulous process involved gathering data from various reliable sources, selecting appropriate references, and interpreting the information effectively. The entire project spanned three months, during which they managed to strike a balance between their academic commitments and research work by investing extra hours in the evening.

Pavithra and Trisha expressed their gratitude to Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh, acknowledging his mentorship and emphasis on self-learning. His guidance empowered them to take ownership of their research work, encouraging independent exploration and problem-solving. This approach instilled in them a research-oriented mindset and enabled them to deliver their research paper successfully. Despite being the youngest participants at the IBSSC conference, they received appreciation from scientists and professors, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees. Their confidence can be attributed to the regular activities, including presentations, conducted at NMIMS Hyderabad through their various clubs.

Pavitra and Trisha’s parents, initially concerned about their education as the first batch students at NMIMS Hyderabad, now proudly celebrate their achievements and laud the support of the director and faculty.

The successful research undertaken by Pavithra and Trisha not only establishes a significant milestone for NMIMS Hyderabad but also inspires future batches of students to explore research opportunities and aim for academic excellence.

Commending Pavitra and Trisha for their scientific temperament and having the courage to stand in front of a daunting audience to present their paper, Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh, Director, NMIMS Hyderabad stresses the significance of academic research. He says “We, as academics, firmly believe in the criticality of prioritizing academic research due to its ability to facilitate direct student engagement and nurture intellectual growth. Once a research mind is created, students will acquire the skills to study better, prepare high-quality assignments, and become less reliant on faculty and classes. Besides, to thrive in the professional world, it is crucial to possess a research-oriented mind. This mindset empowers individuals to delve into the complexities of projects, seek knowledge from diverse sources such as online platforms, libraries, and journals, and engage in meaningful discussions with peers. Those with a research-oriented mind are highly sought after by product development companies in the software industry. In my view, the universe – where learning is happening across physical and virtual worlds, is the new school.”

“This achievement holds special significance as it is the result of the first batch of engineering students at the Hyderabad campus. The success of Pavithra and Trisha will undoubtedly inspire future students, and the institution aims to continue fostering a culture of research and innovation,” he adds proudly.

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