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Boardroom Competition!

We bring you insights from the first thrilling event by Student Council of the academic year: Boardroom Competition! The echoes of passionate minds collided as the students of BBMM and IMBA came together in an electrifying display of intellect, strategy, and innovation. It was a place where ideologies took flight, ambitions were ignited, and the quest for brilliance reigned supreme.
A boardroom competition is a modified debate where participants are assigned corporate designations (CEO, CTO, CFO, COO, Director etc) of a company and presented with a fictional challenge in the form of a case study / crisis situation. They then simulate a boardroom and engage in discussions and debates to come up with solutions and strategies.

A preliminary round of group discussion was conducted on 11th of July, Tuesday.  The groups indulged into discussions on Topics like “To what extent is privatization good for the Indian economy”, “Is JIO’s GTM strategy of offering long term freemiums (like we saw in cases of JIO sim, JioCinema etc) unfair and anti-competitive?” and “In the context of gender & regional gaps, unprofitable valuation bubbles, job insecurity etc., Is entrepreneurship in India really headed in the right direction?” Out of 40 participants, 6 made it to the finals i.e., Boardroom round and will be representing various C – suits in the final and other 6 battled in the semi-final round i.e., rapid fire round where the candidates were paired up and quizzed objectively and subjectively on various business topics

The Final was a simulation of a corporate boardroom. All members were to go through a case to understand the company profile, their designations, and the crisis itself. The group of finalists were to proceed the meeting in accordance to their respective roles. New elements of surprise were introduced in the form of press releases and the entire board was questioned by the judges. After a tough consideration and discussion, the judges finally announced the winners:
1)Winner- Bhavya Agarwal (CLO)
2)Runner up- Pranav Khandelwal (CEO)
3)Second Runner up- Samriddhi Gupta (CMO)
Each of the finalist showcased incredible skill and passion, their unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence captivated each of us.

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