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The Cultural Committee of NMIMS Hyderabad on the ocassion of Bharatiya Bhasha Diwas, hosted a vibrant and engaging event. This national day recognizes the importance of all Indian languages and promotes their preservation and growth. The Bharatiya Bhasha Diwas is a multilingual festival that celebrates India’s linguistic plurality. The festival’s objectives include, providing students with information about Indian languages, encouraging people to learn more Indian languages and celebrating diversity in culture and arts. The event aimed to foster a sense of appreciation and respect for the linguistic diversity of our nation.

The program commenced with a welcome address by Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh, Director of NMIMS Hyderabad, highlighting the significance of Bharatiya Bhasha Diwas and its relevance in today’s globalized world. He emphasized the need to protect and promote indigenous languages, which are integral to our cultural heritage.

The event featured a variety of cultural performances, cultural songs and music videos for the audience showcasing the beauty and richness of different Indian languages. The highlight of the event was a captivating medley of folk dances from different regions of India. The vibrant costumes, energetic steps, and lively music enthralled the audience.

The Bharatiya Bhasha Diwas celebration at NMIMS Hyderabad was a resounding success. The event served as a platform to promote linguistic diversity, foster cultural understanding, and encourage the appreciation of our indigenous languages. It also provided an opportunity for students and faculty to connect with their roots and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks and a message to continue promoting and celebrating the diverse linguistic landscape of India. The positive response and enthusiastic participation from the NMIMS community highlighted the importance of such initiatives in fostering a sense of national pride and cultural identity.


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