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Unleashing Funding Opportunities on the Entrepreneurial Journey

(By Mr. Salim Sheikh, Founder, Chairman I Astute Entrepreneur I Idea Champion I Speaker I Mentor)
Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management (SBM’s initiative) extend heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Salim Shaikh, our esteemed guest speaker, for his invaluable presence at our Mumbai campus. His enlightening session left an indelible impact on our young, aspiring minds, inspiring them to embrace the limitless possibilities of entrepreneurship and become doers in their respective fields.
During the session, Mr. Salim shared his extensive experience in building five successful companies: Symbio Generrics India Pvt. Ltd., Spring Bio Solution, Blumen Biovitals Healthkare Pvt. Ltd., WiStride, and now Strider DCT – A Spring Bio Solution Company. He emphasized the significance of choosing a name that encapsulates the company’s story and effectively delivering that narrative to the world. The practical advice and personal anecdotes shared by Mr. Salim bridged the gap between theory and practice, resonating deeply with our students and igniting their passion for excellence.
A powerful reminder emerged from Mr. Salim’s talk – success is rarely a linear path but rather requires perseverance, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace failure as a catalyst for growth. The session’s key takeaway revolved around Mr. Salim’s journey of bootstrapping his various companies and recognizing the opportune moment for external funding. Many pressing questions were addressed, shedding light on this important topic.
As our students embark on their own professional journeys, let us uphold the momentum and embrace the wisdom imparted by Mr. Salim. Together, we can create a future where knowledge, innovation, and inspiration know no bounds.
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