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NMIMS hosts an immersion visit for leaders of the Common Purpose January Global Leaders Program

The January Global Leaders Programme serves as a catalyst for leaders to adapt, innovate, and confront the complexities of the modern era head-on.

Mumbai 10 July 2023: SVKM’s NMIMS School of Business Management (SBM) hosted the January Global Leaders Programme in June 2023. Common Purpose, a reputed international leadership development organisation, partnered with SBM to host a session on What will it take to shape the workforce of the future?”
The January Global Leaders Programme is developed with the renowned Google Digital Academy for senior cross-sector leaders worldwide as a transformative initiative that equips participants with essential leadership skills, expansive networks, and forward-thinking mindset required to navigate the challenges of an ever-evolving world.

During his presentation, Dr. Prashant Mishra, Dean, NMIMS SBM, highlighted that to meet the demands of new-age students, education must evolve by embracing tailored teaching methods and integrating intensive technology. He also stressed upon the adoption of agile methodologies to align with the fast-paced business world. “The future success of graduates depends on their ability to add unique value beyond automation and intelligent machines, emphasising critical thinking and problem-solving. Graduates must operate effectively in a digital environment, leveraging technology while adapting to emerging occupations. Constant unlearning, relearning, and staying updated are crucial in this rapidly changing world,” he added.

Addressing the audience, he further said, “As educators, we primarily encounter two types of challenges: transformational and developmental challenges. In fact, we don’t see them as problems but take them with a positive spirit. In society, education serves the purpose of assisting individuals in constructing their lives in the desired field.  As a business school, most of our students come to us with the intention of developing themselves and building a career within organisations. This career path may involve working in a business organisation, entrepreneurship, working for non-profit organisations, or even government agencies. Our primary objective at SBM is to prepare graduates for the future so that they can make a significant impact on their chosen career trajectory.”
This programme stands as a clear reflection of NMIMS’ commitment to fostering excellence in leadership education. By enabling students and faculty to engage in cutting-edge programmes, NMIMS continues to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive global landscape. At NMIMS, promoting excellence, innovation, academic integrity, collegiality, autonomy, discipline, commitment, and inclusivity is the utmost goal.
Sushant Tiwari, MBA Core 2022-2024 batch
Pratheeksha Phadke, MBA HR 2022-2024 batch
Ms. Pratheeksha Phadke, MBA HR student, shared her NMIMS experience at the Global January Leadership Programme,  “At the Business Conclave and HR Conclave, business leaders shared their experiences, discussed industry changes, and explored strategies to stay ahead. This institute has provided us with a wealth of experiences, including case studies from diverse domains, offering valuable insights into the future of the industry. As an HR student, automation is a major concern, but I am delighted to say that through competitions and interactions with faculty, we are well-prepared and knowledgeable. This is evident in our virtual processes, where companies present us with real-life challenges and cases. These past two months have been eye-opening, but thanks to NMIMS SBM, I feel equipped to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.” Another student of  MBA Core 2022-2024 batch, Sushant Tiwari, also attended the enlightening program. 
The program received exceptional feedback from the participants, who expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for it. Many described it as a fabulous and transformative experience that exceeded their expectations. They highlighted the program’s ability to change mindsets, foster resilience, and open up new possibilities. The participants also praised the inspiring individuals they met and the vibrant city that served as the program’s backdrop. They said that the deep dive into leadership issues left a lasting impression, prompting a change in perspective and emphasizing the importance of immersing oneself in complex challenges to find effective solutions. Overall, the program was described as impactful, enlightening, and an effective use of time. Participants expressed gratitude for the learning opportunities and excitement for the future they would collectively shape.

The January Global Leaders Programme serves as a catalyst for leaders to adapt, innovate, and confront the complexities of the modern era head-on. Through immersive learning experiences, participants gain invaluable insights, enhance their leadership capabilities, and acquire the confidence to tackle real-world challenges effectively.


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