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Stand Up & You Grow Girl, with Navya Nanda at NMIMS Bengaluru Empowers Students and Sparks Meaningful Conversations

Bengaluru, 13th July, 2023 : The Stand Up & You Grow Girl, with Navya Nanda, organized by Clustera and Yuvaa, successfully concluded at NMIMS Bengaluru, leaving a lasting impact on students and sparking important conversations on Street Harassment, Women Empowerment, Self-Development, Finance & Entrepreneurship. Mr. Yash, a leadership member of Yuvaa, conducted the entire town hall featuring open mics, and insightful conversations with Navya Nanda, a young Indian entrepreneur, social media influencer, and co-founder of Aara Health.

The event brought together students, and esteemed guests who gained valuable insights from Navya Nanda’s experiences. Navya Nanda, as Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan’s grand-daughter, has charted her own path and become an inspiration to many. Navya is known for her active presence on social media, where she shares aspects of her personal life and promotes her business ventures.

Navya Nanda has always been vocal about women empowerment. She inspired the students to become agents of change and encouraged them to pursue their passions fearlessly. “To be a part of the Stand up & You Grow Girl initiative at NMIMS Bangalore is encouraging, as I witness the student’s determination in addressing the challenges faced by our society and working towards a more inclusive and empowered future,” she said. “I feel an alignment of my vision with that of their organisation. I appreciate their amazing team. I think our mission and vision are very aligned. I really wanted to travel, go to different cities and talk to students , so at least for me that’s how it came about.”  She further added.

In partnership with L’Oreal Paris initiative, Yuvaa conducted a survey which showed that 80% of women have experienced sexual harassment, a cause not only global but also for India. There is a conclusion of the 5D methodology  – The first thing one should do in case of harassment,  is- Distract if  witnessing someone being threatened. Delegate and ask if someone can come forward when someone is being threatened, then Document in video while being careful for social media. Delay the person, a sign of clear sympathy, and Direct – ask the harasser to stop or step in while being careful not to get into an argument.

Expressing her gratitude towards the initiative, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bangalore, said, “The Stand Up & You Grow Girl initiative has been an incredible opportunity for our students to expand their horizons and explore important topics that impact our society. We believe that initiatives like these contribute towards creating a more inclusive and empowered generation.”

The event received overwhelming participation and appreciation from the students. Clustera and Yuvaa expressed their gratitude to NMIMS Bangalore. The initiative spans 25 colleges across 7 major cities in India. It aims to understand the issues faced by the youth and create effective solutions by actively listening to and engaging with them.

About Clustera: Clustera is a Youth Marketing Agency that focuses on empowering young people across India. They engage with college students on various important topics to understand and address the challenges faced by the youth in our country.

About Yuvaa: Yuvaa is a socially conscious youth media platform that aims to empower young people in India by listening to, engaging with, and sharing their stories. They provide data insights and community engagement opportunities to create a positive impact.


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