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Leading the Way: ISA MPSTME Student Section Recognized as First in India and Asia Pacific to Receive Student Section Excellence Award

They were awarded the Best Student Section at PPPA 2023, along with the Best Student Leader Male and Best Student Leader Female. Students Adan Amir and Siddharth Bangera earned prestigious scholarships while hosting the India Automation

Mumbai, 13 July 2023: NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering’s (MPSTME) ISA Student Section has achieved a remarkable feat by receiving the prestigious “Excellence Award” 2023 from ISA USA. This distinguished recognition positions the ISA MPSTME Student Section as the first in India and the Asia Pacific District to receive such an honor, showcasing their exceptional achievements in the field of automation and innovation.
ISA, the International Society of Automation, recognizes outstanding contributions by individuals and member groups. The Executive Board confers these recognitions upon recommendation from established selection committees. The Student Section Excellence Award reflects the remarkable achievements of the ISA MPSTME Student Section in advancing the mission of the society.
The Student Section Excellence Award recognizes the remarkable efforts and achievements of the student leaders and members of the ISA MPSTME Student Section. By organizing successful events and competitions such as the India Automation Games and ARS Automatika, the student section showcased their talent and innovation. These events provided a platform for students from all corners of the country to come together and present solutions that exceeded the set criteria.
Prof. Dattatray Sawant, the Faculty Advisor of ISA MPSTME, played a pivotal role in guiding the student leaders to success. With his profound expertise in automation and control systems, Prof. Sawant provided valuable insights and strategic direction, ensuring the section’s activities aligned with ISA’s mission and objectives. His mentorship inspired student leaders to think innovatively and develop impactful initiatives. Prof. Sawant’s collaborative approach also facilitated strong connections with industry professionals and academic institutions, expanding the student section’s network and opportunities for growth.
The ISA MPSTME Student Section had an exceptionally fruitful year, receiving well-deserved recognition and achieving remarkable milestones. They were awarded the Best Student Section at PPPA 2023, along with the Best Student Leader Male and Best Student Leader Female. Students Adan Amir and Siddharth Bangera earned prestigious scholarships while hosting the India Automation. Furthermore, Kartik Devani and Prof. Dattatray Sawant were shortlisted for the esteemed World Automation Games. Prof. Sawant’s design patent for the “OMNIDIRECTIONAL SPHERICAL ROBOT” further highlighted his innovative contributions to automation.
The recognition of ISA MPSTME with the Student Section Excellence Award signifies a significant milestone for the student body, members, and the entire institution. It acknowledges their hard work, dedication, and exceptional contributions to the field of automation. This accolade will enhance the visibility and credibility of the student section, attracting more students, faculty, and industry professionals to collaborate on future events and workshops. The award opens doors to expanded networking opportunities, industry connections, and potential sponsorships, enabling ISA MPSTME to host more impactful events.
Dr. Alka Mahajan, Dean, MPSTME, said, “We offer a unique and transformative learning environment that prepares students to excel on a global stage. Through our collaborations, industry partnerships, and international exposure, we provide students with the opportunity to engage with diverse perspectives, gain global insights, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the international arena. This recognition by ISA USA further highlights the global impact of our students and reinforces our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in automation. We are proud to provide a platform that empowers our students to become future leaders in the field.”
Siddharth Bangera and Adan Amir, students from B Tech Mechatronics shared their views on the momentous occasion by saying, “Receiving such recognition from a renowned international organization like ISA USA signifies the exceptional achievements and dedication of the student section. The prestigious scholarship evokes feelings of pride, joy, and satisfaction among the members of the student section. Prof. Dattatray Sawant, as the faculty advisor of the ISA MPSTME Student Section, made significant contributions to the success of the student section through
his guidance, support, and expertise. It validates our hard work, leadership, and collective efforts in promoting the goals of ISA and advancing the field of automation. It also serves as motivation to continue their endeavours with even greater enthusiasm and dedication.”

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