International Processing Community Day celebrated at School of Design


Mumbai: January 24, 2019: In sync with the vision of the school Processing Community Day (PCD) or #PCD2019 was celebrated at NMIMS School of Design to explore art, code, and diversity around the world. Processing is a free and open-source software platform for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts it is also used as a tool that enables design and prototyping. Processing and p5.js are used by a worldwide community of artists, coders, educators, students for prototyping and building projects.

At NMIMS School of Design the students learn to code in Processing and use it as a tool to design and create art with code. By hosting #PCD2019 our students got to interact with speakers and designers from across the globe and engage with a wider community. Design education is collaborative so hosting this event to engage with the wider community and create a hub for everyone in Mumbai using processing to meet was crucial. The goal of the day was to bring artists, designers, teachers, activists, programmers and students together to share and showcase work done at the intersection of art, design and technology using Processing. We had five speakers followed by 14 sessions of varied explorations, engaging amateurs and veterans from the field. 100 plus attendees got inspired by participating in the event. Our speakers included Mr. Dominic Barrett who spoke on p5.sound : Creative Strategies for Sound, Ms. Rushali Paratey spoke on the topic Function(al) silliness and Mr. Arnab Chakrabarty who is are resident researchers at ITP, New York University shared his ideas on why we should “stop asking for permission”, Mr. Shoban S from IIT-G shared his experience on the topic “Programming for experience (i.e., beyond visual)” and lastly we had Nitant Hirlekar (Pixelkar) who talked on “CODE X INDIA X ART” he also had a live jamming session with Pixelkar creating an interactive visual art from a live video stream that reacted to the music played by students of SOD on a Tabla and a Guitar.

Processing is great tool for prototyping to bring your ideas to life. The students were able to connect with a wider global audience and see the potential of learning to code, which is a great tool in design education. As a result of these interactions, we see that the students are showing a renewed interest and enthusiasm towards coding, interactivity and the intersections of various design-allied fields. The students plan to nurture and grow this community and engage more people to learn code, we encourage you to try processing and join us by “Leveraging the power to code to level up”.

By – Prof. Rituparna Matkar, NMIMS School of Design