Mumbai’s Skewed Urban Structure Needs Fixing And The Covid-19 Calamity Gives An Opportunity To Do That by Prof. Limaye

  • Covid-19 has taught us Metropolitans one thing — that social distancing makes sense only when development is distributive, not epicentral.
  • If Mumbai had adequate economic hubs around its periphery, mass transport will not be so crowded and the virus could have been reined in.

Leading metropolitan regions across the world are epicentres of Covid19. In the US, New York is by far the worst affected city. Nearly 20 per cent of all US cases are from NYC (data from here and here as of 4 April 2020).

In case of India, Mumbai has nearly 10 per cent of the total reported cases as of 5 April 2020 (361 of 3,730 as per

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An article written by Prof. Kiran Limaye from Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics.