Digital Transformation – Administration and Service Deliveries by Sovereign Nations by Dr. Basu


The outset of this article should be with clarity about what is digital transformation from the perspective of a sovereign government. For a common man the perception could be that delivery of services through an App in smart phones, safe maintenance of records of events and transactions in a computerised storage system may be all and the end of it. But Digital Transformation (DT) is a journey. Perhaps that is the first step towards digitally transforming any government’s systems and processes with the power of deep
digital technologies.

Governments of emerging countries may not disagree that citizens in urban areas are ahead in adopting digital devices and applications. Their devices are flooded with plenty of options for receiving service from private parties. Hence, government must accelerate and catch up. Otherwise, there may be existential threats from private entities, who may encroach privileged domains and take over tasks of governments. The case in point is the financial ecosystem into which private cryptocurrencies have made inroads about a decade ago. Read more