Book Talk | Making India Great Again-Learning from our History!

The Seventh Book Talk on the book title “Making India Great Again-Learning from our History,” authored by Mrs. Meeta and Prof Rajivlochan, was organized by SVKM’s NMIMS on 24th August 2021. Prof. Rajivlochan spoke on the issue of lack of trust amongst institutions and the people in this country. Both authors also discussed multiple topics on the issues of education, governance, and bureaucracy. “India has always been rich by default and not by design,” said Prof. Rajivlochan. Furthermore, Mrs. Meeta Rajivlochan explained the role of systems, processes, efficiency, and trust in the Indian economic system. During the Q&A session, the authors addressed the questions of the audience and the moderators such as “Will higher efficiency in the Indian economy lead to unemployment?” or “Is democracy the best way of governance for higher growth?” or “As per Angus Maddison’s study, India had 25-40% share of global GDP between 1st CE and 17th CE. What did India do differently in those years that we can learn from? What did colonization take away from India in terms of capabilities demonstrated earlier?”  During the session, the authors fielded various questions from students. . Authors were delighted to share their thoughts and experience with the audience. The session was moderated by Prof. Vartika Arora, Assistant Professor, Economics, NMIMS JDSOLA, and Siddhansh Agarwal, Podcaster and Second-year student of the School of Liberal Arts.