Global Career Counsellor Immersion Workshop at NMIMS Hyderabad Witnesses an Effective Discussion on Revolution in Education System


NMIMS Hyderabad Tarnaka Campus Date 06.01.2024 : NMIMS Hyderabad hosted the ‘Global Career Counsellor Immersion Workshop’ in collaboration with Univariety. The event was attended by educators from top schools based in Hyderabad and 37 career counsellors. The workshop also featured a panel discussion on the theme, ‘Revolution in Education System’.

Dr. Siddhartha Gosh, Director, NMIMS Hyderabad; Dr. Mohammed Arab, Associate Dean, School of Law, NMIMS Hyderabad, Mrs. Maya Sukumaran, Principal, Gitanjali Senior School, and  Mr. Tarun Shrama, VP, Univariety  graced the event.

The engaging panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Molly Chaturvedi, Associate Professor, School of Commerce, NMIMS Hyderabad. They discussed and provided their insights on the remarkable shift in the education system from knowledge-based to skill-based pedagogies post-COVID-19 pandemic. A skill-based education system was also one of the core proposals within the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020. They further also discussed the government’s role in uplifting rural education and various government initiatives providing education opportunities to all.

The panel unanimously agreed that a skills-based education would help develop creativity, problem-solving approach, networking skills and critical thinking skills among students. Dr. Mohammed Arab, providing insights from his rich experience, opined that the introduction of Moot Court activities in legal education institutions would develop analytical skills among aspiring legal professionals. He also emphasised the role of parents in students’ academic endeavours.

Mrs. Maya Sukumaran reflected upon student-centric learning and the role of education institutions in students’ holistic development. Mr. Tarun Shrama stressed upon the implementation of the National Education Policy and its benefits for students. He underlined the Choice Based Credits System proposed in the policy which will allow students to choose skill-based courses over contemporary education. He further highlighted the importance of technology in education.

The event also saw that the counsellors from University have address a session on ‘Study Abroad Industry and Scope’. They also engaged with NMIMS Hyderabad students in a group activity and a learning session. Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh presented an impactful presentation on ‘About NMIMS’ to the counsellors, which introduced the NMIMS Hyderabad campus and the courses offered by it.

Speaking about the event, Dr Shweta Kadam, Associate Professor, NMIMS Hyderabad, said, “The Global Career Counsellor Immersion Workshop held at NMIMS Hyderabad was a transformative experience. The panel discussion provided diverse and insightful perspectives on the shift in the education system. It was an effective initiative to bring together educators, counsellors and students to initiate knowledge exchange and networking